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Katy Dickson, I grew up on the farm just across the road. I never thought I would end up living across the street from my parents but ligving off the land called to me. My parents help out and enjoy having their grandchildren close. In addition to gardening, and being a Mom, I enjoy beekeeping, camping, and traveling.

Skye, Mara, and Milo are gardeners in training and chief chicken wranglers. All three can be depended upon to help pick berries, just don't expect them to put any in a pail.

Meet Your

Mark Dickson, I grew up in St. Paul, MN. Since an early age I have enjoyed growing things, especially pumpkins. I enjoy being outside as much as possible and gardening definiely requires that. In the "off-season" I teach science at Monroe High School. I also enjoy running, biking, and chess.

Gene and Gayl Christensen have farmed this property for over 30 years. Gene loves to plant and is happiest on a tractor. Gayl is our premier berry and bean picker as well as favorite baby-sitter. They have been very supportive of our gardening venture we appreciate all their hard work.

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